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    30/11/17,Ibadan Nigeria
    What is your name?.what can I calk you?
    Do you work or study?
    What type of job?
    What do u like about your job
    Will you like to continue with your job in the future?
    Now let’s talk about sunshine
    Do you like sunshine?
    How does sunshine make you feel?
    What are the things you do when its sunny
    Will u like to visit a place with more or less sunshine?
    Let’s talk about fruits
    Do you like fruits
    What type of fruits do you like.
    Banana or apple?
    Have you ever cooked fruits?
    Cue card;
    The type of sport you enjoy watching
    Where and you first watched it
    With who
    What do u enjoy about it
    Part 3
    How do you encourage the young ones to participate in sport
    Nowadays do you thing sport is competitive
    Is the competition stiff
    Is the money been paid to the participants justifiable

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