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    Module : GT
    Date- 06 April 2018
    Location: India
    Type 1:
    1 Whats your full name
    2 What should I call you
    3 what do you think how imp is to exercise today
    4 Do you excersie
    5 How often do you excercise
    6 Are young people also do regular exercise these days
    7 What exercise you used to do in scholl
    8 Do u think u will continue to do regular exercise
    Part 2:
    Cue Card – Any 1 thing which is not taught in school and universities but still needs to be learned
    a What is that you learned
    b Where & when did you learned it
    c Why you think its important
    d What benefit it gives to you
    Part 3:
    1 Do you think is there any age for learning
    2 What do you say about learning of older generations
    3 Do you think there are any life skill which older population needs to learn
    4 What do you think how important is it to learn continuously in life .. why ?
    Also during my cue card I briefly stopped and my examiner indicated me to speak more and then I spoke to nearly 15 seconds more and she stopped me. I your opinion is it a good or bad thing ? Will this affect my score?

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