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    Exam date : 15th December 2018
    General training
    Writing :
    Task 1
    You have a room empty in your flat, you want to rent it out. So write a letter to Students Accomodation officer to include your room in college rental list.
    Where is the room/apartment
    Describe the room
    What kind of person you want to rent the room with.
    Task 2
    Science has so much developed that people will be able to live 100 years and expected to live longer about 200 years. Some people see good thing in it while others see problems in it.
    Discuss both the views and include your opinion.
    First two sections were regular
    But third section
    Includes the selection of graph while the speakers compare about the numbers of a product
    While in the fourth section
    There was a map of Australia given and it’s north to south railway line design and based on that questions were asked

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