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    Test date was on 14th Dec 2019

    task 1: You are working in an international company, write a letter to inform about your resignation , write the reason for your resignation, when you should join, thank for the opportunity,
    Task 2: Many people can’t speak or present well in public , an idea is to start the training from school. State if it is important to speak well in public. Do you agree or disagree

    Part 1 Name, where do I stay, do I like place, is there anything which I don’t like about the place, will you be staying longer in same place. Then about wild animals, your favorite animal, why, do you like animals at zoo
    cue card :-An interesting conversation you had With whom Why was it interesting, Where you had conversation.
    Part3 About public speaking Why is it important Qualities required of speaker Who often does public speaking

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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