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    GT : INDIA : 22/12/2015
    1st part
    Where do you live? why?
    What do you like about this place?
    How is the weather in your city?
    Which weather you like and dont like? Why?
    What kind of music do you like? Why?
    Have you ever been to any music concert? Why
    Would you like to learn to play any music instrument?
    2nd PART:
    Talk about any family business you know
    How do you know them? What do you like about them?
    3rd PART:
    Do you think it is better to work with a small business company or a big company? Why?
    Dont you think there is a lot of learning experience with smaller companies?
    How should small companies work their way towards success?
    Is it better for companies to expand internationally? What are the benefits and disadvantages?
    Should the government restrict the international expansion of companies?
    How will it effect the local economy?
    What do you think will happen if multi-national company exit the country?

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