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    Hi !
    I did my IELTS ACADEMIC in February 01. I will try my best to remember all parts.
    Speaking Test.
    It was in the same day, because I live in a different city. I was quite nervous, and the examiner was not too happy.
    Part 1: He asked me about where I live? What I do and asked some questions about my career. What was my graduation? What positions I could work? What is my future plans?

    Part 2: A topic about a recent achievement. How I celebrate it? What was this experience? Who was with me that moment?
    I answered about my master´s degree approval. This situation happened in last december, in the same week of my birthday. This part, I did it very well!!He asked me about the relation between success and dedication, just to complete this part. He asked too one question about failure, and I don´t know how I could answered and maybe I lost some point on it.

    Part 3: I thought it was the most difficult part. He asked me about National festivals and what is the impact of it for people. 1. Do you think Brazil enjoy national celebrations? 2. Do you think that this kind of party shows a national identity? 3. Do you agree or disagree? Why? 4. What is the impact of this in job? Do you think people work better or worse?I tried my best to say my oppinion about it, because in Brazil we don´t have a original party which represents our national identity. I brought some examples of international festivals which are included in brazilian culture as carnival costumes.Listening test. I could complete the 3 parts. It was easier than the tests I did it at home. I don´t remeber what was about it.

    This part, it was the one that I had more difficult during my preparation because the texts are too long and I was worried about the test time. Most of the questions were: True, False, Not Given; Yes, No, Not Given; Complete the fills and blank spaces.
    Passage 1: I don´t remember
    Passage 2: Something about vehicles and their impact in history.
    Passage 3: Something about plants and environmental impact.

    Writing. This part I loved it! I had an extra time to relax.
    Section 1: Two pictures of a renovation project of National Theater, to compare what is different and what was changed.
    Section 2: To say your opinion about the relation between sports and cooperation in children lives, and bring examples if you had this kind of thing when you was a kid.

    I have a question. Do you think IELTS test is too long to answer all in the same day? My result will be available in next February 14. I hope I get the mark that I need. One more time, thank you so much for your help!!

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