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    I had my test today(22 Feb 2020).

    Writing Task 1:
    You have joined a sports club recently. You are having some problems. Write to the manager and include these information
    -Explain why you joined the club
    – Tell you problems
    – Give solutions

    Writing Task 2:
    With the help of internet and television many people are becoming famous. Is this a positive or negative trend? Include examples.

    PART 1
    -Where do you live?
    -What do you dislike about the place?
    -Do you intend to stay there for longer?
    Wild animals
    Where have you seen them?
    Which is your favourite?
    -What difference do you feel in your voice now and when you were younger?
    – Does anyone in your family have your same voice?
    -Do you like your voice?

    PART 2:
    About toys

    PART 3:
    -Toys popular in your country.
    -Toy commercials targeted towards children. Is this form of commercialisation good or bad
    – some parents buy lot of toys instead of spending time with them. Is it good or bad?
    – Is there peer pressure among children to have same toys and clothes as their friends?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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