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    i had my speaking today it went fine, i was confident in first and second parts but i got bit confused in 3rd part i couldnt understand two questions.
    Part 1,
    how are you?
    where are you from?
    where do you live?
    how far your home is from exam centre
    how often you use your cell phone ?
    what apps do you use?
    If you get chance to make your own app, will you make it?
    tell me more about it?
    do you want to go to space?
    Part 2,
    You favourite weather
    Part 3,
    Why people should be concerned about global warming?
    Do think people are worried?
    what measurement should be taken to save climate?
    Can we save climate?
    and many weather related question, actually it was only topic i left and i wasnt prepared climate, i am really nervous.

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