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    I took the Computer Delivered Test (GT) last 22 Feb 2020. Here’s what I remember:

    Part 1: calling for a reservation (gap fill)
    Part 2: chess club intro (multiple choice, matching)
    Part 3: students discussing future work trends (mutiple choice, matching)
    Part 4: lecture on cochlear implants (gap fill)

    Part 1: public transportation info (t/f/NG); types of vacation activities (multiple matching)
    Part 2: applying for a work exchange program (gap fill); office air quality (gap fill)
    Part 3: lizard population in NZ (header matching; t/f/ng)

    Task 1: You are leaving your job and would like to invite your friend as your replacement. Write about: Why are you leaving Job description Why would your friend enjoy working there
    Task 2: Teenagers face a lot of difficulties at home and at school. What are the causes for this? How can parents provide solutions?

    Part 1: Work or study? Where do you work? What type of languages do you speak? Do you want to learn any other languages? Do you think english is a difficult language to learn? What part of your work do you find interesting? Which do you find important, the people you work with or the work you do?

    Part 2: Remember the last time you looked at the sky, say: Who are you with and where you are The color of the sky How did you feel? Follow up: Do you enjoy looking at at the sky?

    Part 3: How did technology aid humans in looking at the sky, what’s out there? Do you think there’s life outside earth? Why do you think some people do not believe in aliens? Do you think children should learn more about the outer space in school? What do you think will happen if humans is able to made contact with alien life?Hope this helps.

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