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    I took the cbt test today..

    Writing task 2 topic
    Nowadays more people have consumer goods like refrigerator and washing machines..Do u think this is a positive or negative development.

    Speaking questions.
    Do u work or study
    Do u prefer coffee or tea
    When will u have coffee
    Do you offer coffee to ur guests
    Which is popular in your country coffee or tea Haircut
    Do u like to have a long hair
    Do u like to go to a hairdresser
    Anytime u don’t like the hairstyle by hairdresser

    Part 2
    Describe the time when u were awake inspire of being tired..

    Following questions
    When people often stay awake say two occasions
    How they keep themselves awake
    Technology enhances work life balance?
    Which is important professional or personal goal
    Can one acheive both because some say they can achieve either of one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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