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    My speaking test was on 27th october in india gurgaon centre
    Part 1. Genereal know how where are u from
    2 discussion on emails. How often do u mail
    3. Would you prefer a mail or a call.
    4. In future do u think mails will be replaced by other means or will they continue.
    5. Rest i forgot.
    Part 2 describe a time when you got some good news
    1. Wherre
    2. When
    3. What the good news was
    How you felt about it.
    Part 3. In your country what provides happiness and what people consider as good news.
    2. Some people do not like to share there happy momebts why you think that people do so.
    3. How pepple in a society celebrate there happy moments and what is good news for them.
    Writing task 1
    1. your company is opening a new branch in some other country. Write a letter to your manager asking for job in new branch
    1 why you suitable for this job
    2 while job do u want
    3 any questions from manager.
    Writing task 2.
    Nowadays people buy things which are not at all required
    Why people buy these thinhs?
    Do you think it is a positive trend or a negative trend for individual and for society.
    i answered in task 1 as
    Dear Mr. John,
    Rest all formal style letter
    Ending with
    Yours sincerely,
    My full name
    Is this format correct for letter to manager. ?

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