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    I took the Academic Module of IELTS today, Jan 14 2020. I literally just finished my exam and was browsing if I got my writing task 2 correct when I decided to contribute in this most helpful website I’ve encountered during my preparation.I took the computer delivered tests because I find typing faster than writing. I’ve done written mock tests before and only practiced the computer delivered tests in their samples provided at their websites.This part is comparing my experience on taking written and CDT.

    Listening: In CDT, all answers must be typed immediately as you listen to the audio unlike in the written wherein you have a scratch paper and given 10 minutes at the end to transfer and review your answers. Only 2 minutes is given to review your answers in CDT. Tip: make sure to note the order of questions. I probably lost 2-4 questions in this because I was waiting for the audio to answer the question in number 3 when it was actually just answering question no 2.

    Reading: In CDT my main concern was highlighting the passages which luckily is a feature of the program.

    Aside from that, the method of picking the answers are drag and drop, typing and ticking of the choices. Written test, however, requires you to UNDERSTAND the instructions because sometimes they’re asking for a LETTER sometimes they’re asking for the WHOLE WORD or PASSAGE.

    Writing: I type faster than I write, that’s one of the reasons I chose CDT. Another plus for CDT is its word counter. I didn’t need to count the words for my essays unlike in written exam. My task 1 is a diagram showing the differences in a radio station over a period of 10 years. Task 2 “It is suggested that all the young adults should undertake a period of unpaid work helping people in the community. Does it bring more benefits or drawbacks to the community and the young people?” I did my essay in a “advantages outweigh disadvantages” format which is paragraphs 2 and 3 are my advantages and paragraph 4 for my 1 disadvantage. My 5th paragraph is my summary and opinion. My problem here is I thought my essay was wrong because I automatically assumed it’s outweighing advantages from disadvantages. I had a moment of panic when it entered my mind that it should have been a agree/disagree essay because the question was “is it true that drawbacks are..” but then I searched google for my question and fortunately, IT IS a advantages outweighing disadvantages.Now, to the actual speaking topics. I took the test Jan 13 2020 so this is updated.

    Part 1: Tell me about your house/apartment. Do you like living there? Etc do you like cakes? Do you bake?When do you usually eat cakes? Etc Do you run? Where can you run in the city? Etc
    Part 2: Describe a time when you wore a uniform – when – Who paid for the uniforms – What does it look like – How did you feel about wearing uniform
    Part 3 follow up questions on part 2 plus questions on clothing and identity.

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