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    January 15th,2018 at
    I had my IELTS speaking test today and here are few questions that I have been asked to speak up for…
    what is ur full name?
    do u work or study?
    what do u study?
    do u enjoy studying with ur friends?
    do u make friends with whom you study?
    do u think stories help us in our life?
    what type of stories does u think are helpful in leading today’s society?
    do u agree with fact that all of us are natural storytellers?
    do u think technology would benefit storytelling?
    and in which way?
    which does u think is better watch the story on screen or reading it in a book?
    would u like to be a storyteller?
    which one would u choose computer or mobile phone?
    which one does u think would be better to use?
    tell me one of the stories last time anyone has narrated you?
    what is that story?
    who narrated you?
    how do u think technology would benefit storytelling?
    As far I could remember these are the question that I was questioned …..
    and my rest of the test is on January 18th, hope I do well…..
    can I get any link to practice more on my listening test part? if so could u please share it here…

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