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    I just gave my speaking test sometime back.
    Here are the questions :
    What is your Full name?
    What do you do?
    What kind of work you do at your job?
    Have you got any training for the work you are doing?
    Do you want to get any training to enhance that skill?
    Do you remember your friends from school?
    How often you make friends?
    At what time you prefer to have your meals?
    With whom you want to have your meals?
    Part 2 :
    A car journey you recently had?
    —Where you went.
    —-With Whom.
    —How you enjoyed it.
    Which mode of transport people usually used nowadays?
    Part 3:
    What type of transport is available in your country?
    Is there any requirement to improve transport in your country?
    Do you think future of transport like robot cars will have any advantages?
    How government should improve the transport?
    Do you think we should improve our dependency on fossil fuels?
    L/R/W will be on 20-jan

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