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    Part 1: 1. Describe about your hometown
    2. Are there different places for tourists to visit in your hometown? would you recommend any?
    3. Do you like listening to music?
    4. Do you listen to music while studying? ( I answered yes) so i was further asked why?
    5. What kind of music do you like?
    6. What kind of music do people in your country prefer?
    7. Do you download songs from internet or buy it from a shop? Why?
    Part 2 : (Cue card) Describe about your idea of perfect vacation or Tourism destination that you like to visit in the future. with who? , when?, why do you choose that?
    1. when do you think on taking your vacation you were talking about?
    2. Do you think that overseas trip are costlier than local trips within country?
    3. Will you consider the money over foreign trips?
    Part 3 : 1. Do you think vacation is necessary for working people? why is it so?
    2. What kind of benefits do you get as a manager while sending an employee a vacation?
    3. Why do some people like to work more than taking a vacation?
    4. what kind of factors influence the people in choosing their tourism destination?
    5. Do you think Ads are necessary for a product?
    6. Why do they use celebrities for making ads?
    7. Is it a good idea to use celebrities for promoting ads?
    8. Do you think people change their opinion on seeing ads? why is it so?
    9. How much do ads influence people in your country?

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