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    Hi I took my exam on 18.1.2020 GT

    Listening – The had map, and one word and three word answers.

    Reading – T,F,NG , Matching the paragraphs, fill in the blanks one word.

    Letter – Write a letter to your friend who is moving to a new home. you have time to help her? how can you help her move? ask questions about new home? essay – Some people say modern innovations brings a lot of problems than benfits? do you agree or disagree?

    Part 1 – I think was the last person and it went on 15 minutes were do you live? any stores nearby? do you enjoy staying there? asked about science how has science helped you? was it compulsory in your school? what have u learnt?

    cue card – talk about your community in why you need a public building? how will they benefit? what problems will occur? actually i was not given one minute to prepare when i was given a pencil and page to write down i cud hardly write down 2-3 bullet points. i was asked to stop and speak – i did answer but wanted some time to think for the last question which i did not answer and he moved on to the 3 part and where i was asked more about community related questions? will that affect my score?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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