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    Hello all !
    I just got done with my IELTS Speaking test ..
    Module: Academic (although Speaking is same for both)
    Location: India
    The examiner starts with basic instructions and mentions that this will be recorded.
    PART 1
    1. What is your full name? What shall I call you?
    2. Do you study or work?
    3. Where did you study?
    4. Is that a good place to study?
    5. If you had too change something about this institute what would you change?
    PART 2
    Talk about a book you recently read?
    – What was it about?
    – What do you like and dislike about it?
    – When did you ready
    PART 3
    Continues about reading
    1. Do you read very often?
    2. Do children read a lot these days?
    3. Developing a reading habit in children is solely a parent’s responsibility?
    4. What kinds of books do children read these days?
    5. What can parents do to encourage children to read?
    That’s all!
    I hope this helps.
    All the best y’all

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