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    IDP Academic , India
    Cue Card :
    Describe the time when someone took a good photograph of you ?
    When and where the photo was taken?
    who took the photo?
    what does the photo depicts?
    who do should hire professional photographer for big events and why?
    future of paper photograph that be replace by digital photos in future?
    why we click photos?
    is it good to have camera in mobile phone?
    Advertisement you last seen?
    do ad give good results or response if it done by big stars?
    do u buy that product.
    how often u do exercise and what it involve when u were young?
    advert u last seen?
    is your country have lots of ads?

    I was little nervous because she was writing on a sheet of paper which have 4 columns in first she wrote with pencil 5-5.5 and in last Column she mentioned 9-5.5 when I seen it first I totally distracted 5.5.5. However she mentioned these numbers after my 1st round which went smooth with simple questions with not much length .
    And she not even welcome and gave me time just said and have a seat and Can i see your passport etc etc in next second she just started my test I could remember the words this is examiner number ——and things were on .
    God bless me feeling sick

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