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    I appeared in IELTS speaking test today. The questions are as follows:
    Part 1:
    Where do you live ?
    Do you work or study?
    Which is most famous in your country, Tea or Coffee?
    What your offer to visitors ?
    When you had a cup of tea last time ?
    Talk about a person with whom you have studied or worked:
    -Who is he/she?
    -Where you worked?
    Should children work with each other?
    What is importance of team work?
    Should there be boundaries between manager and employees?
    Here i want to talk about part-1 and part-2, In part-1 when examiner asked me do i work or study? I answered her that i am software engineer and i work in a software company. But in part-2 i told her that i used to work with my grandfather regarding business and he ran a car business for about 10 years, i worked with him in his electronics company and now running the other outlet of this particular company in another company.
    i want your opinion is it alright that i have mentioned 2 different works of my life in different parts of speaking? What if examiner thinks that i am mentioning contradictory working fields?

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