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    Today was my speaking exam (24th July, 2018). Questions were mainly about money related matters in part-2 & part-3.
    Part -1
    How are you
    What should I call you
    How far away is the test centre from your area?
    Describe the area you live in.
    Do you like music
    You think when you were a kid you listened music more often.
    What do you think who spends more money, male or female? Why
    Part 2
    A saving you did
    How, when and why?
    Explain how you felt afterwards?
    Part 3
    I don’t exactly remember but they all comprised of money & financial aspects on why you should save, do young people save more, how would they know on saving money etc
    my part 2 didn’t go well, in part 3, I asked the examiner to speak again the question and later answered it fluently. Although, my part-1 was quite cohesive and coherent!

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