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    I had my Speaking test on 02 July 2020
    Part 1:
    Full name
    Questions about fishing Do you like fishing?
    Some more discussion related to relaxation activities
    Describe the place, where you lived as a child Describe the place, where you are currently living

    Cue card topic: Describe a place where you go (not in your hometown) to relaxation where it is How it looks like, what you do there

    Part 3:
    Some more topics related to relaxation at different stages of life as a student, in work life, old people

    In my cue card topic, I finished much before time, however, I was fluent, used many words like rejuvenate, inner strength, etc, Examiner asked me if I want to say more. Also, she interrupted me in my answers by started asking the next question.
    Do these two things count in lowering the score band?
    Thank you again

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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