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    I had my speaking test today: 30th july 2018
    Questions were:
    Do you work or study?
    What kind of job you do?
    Why you chose this job?
    Do you enjoy your job?
    How was the first day of your job ?
    Describe a clothing that you wore on an occasion.
    What was that?
    From where had you purchased the dress?
    How everone reacted to the dress?
    Why you chose the dress?
    Why people choose traditional wear during any ocassion?
    Do you have pictures of yourself in traditional dress?
    Topic:- Formally wear and informal wear
    When people in your country wear formals?
    Where people prefer to wear formals?
    Is informal wear is replacing the formal wear?
    Topic:- Plants
    Do you like plants?
    Did you like plants when you were a child?
    Thanks for your hardwork. Your website really helped me a lot.

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