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    Yesterday i wrote my L/R/W tests, but i am very confused about ‘task achievement’ part. My writing task 2 question was somewhere similar to one of your shared it is:
    Q. The world of work is changing rapidly. Working conditions today are not the same as before and people no longer rely on taking one job for life.
    Discuss the possible causes for these changes and give your suggestions on how people should prepare for work in the future.

    IN MY ANSWER,i had two long body paragraphs with examples and supporting ideas, wih second one explaining the preventive measures to overcome this situation and the first para explained the problems that it cause to the employees( in this i mentioned something like : since working methodologies and techniques in the companies are changing year after year as a result of which companies hire new talent by replacing the existing employees which leads to unemployment and job insecurities )
    I think i misunderstood a part of task it asked for causes and i wrote the consequences, but in my answer i somewhere mentioned that “because of change in working methodologies and technologies it causes job insecurities” .
    I hope you got my concern and please tell me is it gonna effect the Task Achievement?

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