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    June 21,2018
    speaking test
    Do you live in house or apartment?
    which area of your home you like the most?
    have you ever received money from your parent for doing household work?
    have you ever given money to children?
    are you planning to change your home?why?
    have you ever saved money as a child?
    have you ever eaten foreign food during your childhood?
    what was the last foreign food you ate?
    describe a new sport you want to play;
    when did you first saw that sport?
    do you think foreign food will become popular in your country?
    where did you saw that sport?
    why did you saw that sport?
    why you want to play it?
    part 3
    do you think sports organization only focus to earn money?
    what business companies can learn from sports?
    why companies advertise a lot on sports?
    how advertisement on sports is benifical for companies?
    do young peoples like different sports than elderly?

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