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    Today was my speaking test and below are the questions:
    Part 1 : Where do I live? How do I spend my time with family and friends? Whether I work or Study? And if I saved money when I was a child? Is it important for parents to teach their kids to save money?
    Part 2: A recent trip which I took using Public transport
    Part 3: More questions about part 2 namely- Types of public transport in our place, Advantages and disadvantages of using Public transport, How about transport helps people? How should government encourage people to use public transport? Should government revoke the ownership of Cars?
    I stammered in Part 3.. Also, I asked the examiner to repeat the question. Will this impact my score? I am very much worried about it. Could you please suggest?
    Also, tomorrow is my L/R/W test
    Thanks & Regards

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