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    I have just completed my speaking part today
    part 1
    house-where do u live?in future would you live in a house or apartment
    magazine- during childhood what did you read megazine or comic
    email-do u send much email?which media u prefer mobile or email?what is its future
    cue card : favourite piece of clothes
    part 3: why shipping is popular
    who shop more youngster or older
    online shipping usefulness
    people go for shopping parents or friend
    part 1 and 2 were quiet satisfactory but in part 3 the examiner stopped me several time,I couldn’t give any further explanation.just gave 2/3 line answer for each and confused in one question.The whole conversation lasted only for 15 min.the examiner was in a hurry
    would it effect my score to get 7?

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