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    Me and my wife did speaking 25th June , we got following questions :
    For me:
    Part 1:
    General introduction.
    Where are you living
    Is your place interesting
    what is your home town
    Compare your home town and current place you stay
    Do you write something
    Did you write anything in the past
    Do you prefer typing or writing
    Did you watch any advertisement in the past
    Do you like actors do advertisement
    Part 2- Cue card :
    Describe a public place which you recently visited and need some improvement
    1) What is the place
    2) what need to be improved
    3) Things you like and dislike about the place
    Part 3 :
    Do you think public places need to be increased in your city
    Do you think public places need to be allowed free of charge
    Do people move towards cities
    Compare living in country side and cities
    Do you think work opportunities need to be created in the countryside

    For my wife
    Part 1:
    General introduction
    Are you living in an apartment or a house
    Which room is your favorite and why
    Do you like to teach
    Do you remember your primary teacher
    Who was your favorite teacher
    Do you think teachers in the current time are different from your parents time
    Do you like to receive a plant as a gift
    What kind of plant do you like
    Have you plant anything when you were a child
    Do you have any knowledge about fertilisers
    Part 2: Cue card
    Describe a website that you use frequently
    1) What is it
    2) How do you know about it
    3) Why do you like it
    Part 3:
    Do you know anyone who use websites apart from you
    Do you think internet is important nowadays
    How internet affect people
    Do you prefer reading e-news or printed paper
    Why some people still prefer printed news over e-news
    Thank you for your support and guidance

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