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    I took ACADEMIC IELTS (IDP) on 2nd June, India
    Writing Task 1- Three Pie charts shows the received exports of some regions from three Latin American countries in 2004
    Writing Task 2- Some people use technology to take advice for their medical problems rather than seeing to doctor
    Why this is so
    It is positive or negative development according to you.
    Listening- Part 1( information about canoe course), Part 2- (volunteer activities in plant care center), Part 3-(Discussion on positive and negative impact of technology), Part 4- (Survey on birds counting)
    Reading- Passage 1- (Bovine Species), Passage 2- ( Communication between trees), Passage 3- ( Lie-detection dramas on TV)
    Speaking- Cue card- how you trying to concentrate during study/work
    – What do you do
    – When and Where you doing this
    – How you feel after it
    Follow ups were-
    – Concentration is necessary for children during study(why/why not), during sports(why/why not)
    – Concentration during work
    -Which jobs are required full concentration
    – What are the factors of affecting concentration during work
    Hope this would be helpful.

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