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    I had my speaking exam today. The topics were:
    PART 1
    About home, apartment you currently live in and what kind of accommodation you wish to have in future? Meeting famous personalities Are you happy about the age you are today? Any achievement in your life?
    PART 2
    Describe a city or town you have enjoyed visiting -when you visited there? -what you did there? -how long you stayed there? Explain why you enjoyed the visit.
    PART 3
    Life in city and rural area? What government should do to for safety measures? Will size the cities increase in future like its increasing nowadays? Will people live in extreme environment in future?

    I was very good in PART 1 and 2 but in PART 3 I stammered in 2 questions and examiner repeated the question. Also, examiner gave me weird face expressions in these 2 questions. Will this impact my score if I stammered or answered incompletely, though first two parts were pretty good and very fluent? I am worried about my PART 3

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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