IELTS Exam – India – June 9 2017

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    I have wrote exam on 8th June Academic IndiaTask1
    The chart gives information about the percentage of young teenagers who smoke cigratte in a European country with their age and gender from 1995-2005.
    In some countries, more parents are educating thier kids in home instead of sending them to school. Do you think the advantage will overweigh the disadvantage?
    In task 1 — I forgot to mention about country but complete my task ,,,it’s not well as my expectations but I used complex and compound sentence various places
    In task 2 — I made 5 paragraphs ; in 1st ( rephrase statement and give my point of view (I declare this trend has more disadvantage than advantages)
    In 2nd and 3rd ( I wrote 4 disadvantages but with comparison with study in schools and 2 points in each)
    In 4th( I wrote one advantage of the given statement )
    In 5th( I declare it’s disadvantage outweigh it’s advantages and my suggestion )
    But I’m very afraid about my result of writing because I think task need only advantages or disadvantages of this statement but I compared its disadvantage with opposite statement advantages ( I suppose that it’s off topic )
    And also about task 1 that I mentioned above

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