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    Academic module
    Speaking cue card:
    what do you do to stay healthy.?
    Discussion on responsibility of government on people’s health and so on.
    1.On a health studio
    2. Lecturer giving advice to student on her assignment
    3. On an aquarium
    1. About Australian dentist jobs in rural
    3.About current status of English language in different countries.
    1.Flow chart on wool manufacturing
    2.Some people tend to behave anti-social and also do crimes, is the society to blame. What are the causes. Who is responsible explain with examples.
    ( I did a very very dumb mistake, I had very less time for my task 1 approx. 12 mins .. and I don’t paragraph it into 3 but to few sentences each step:( how badly will it affect my score, my word count and lexicals are all good in my essay and report) can I still get 7 in writing? Do reply when free:) TIA

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