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    I have completed my speaking test today (27/3/2019). I felt I was able to extend my answers, couple of places I stuttered and couple of places I knew I did mistake but I did not correct it. I said “is nightmares” instead of “are nightmares”, I used to hardly instead of hard, which is entirely wrong (hardly means entirely different but on the flow the word I spoke was wrong , I should have said hard). Apart from these, I believe most of the parts are okay. I spoke until the examiner stopped in the part 2 section. The topics were really unusual or tough to think.
    Part 1:
    Where do you live? Why is it good to live there?
    What are the problems in your area which could be improved?
    Have you ever been waiting patiently and how it feels?
    Are you a patient person usually?
    Have you been the same way in your childhood?
    Is it important to be patient? why ? why not?
    Which places are more crowded in your city?
    How do you feel about crowd wherever you are going?
    Have you thought about living in scarcely populated area? why?
    What are the advantages of living in less populated area?
    Part 2:
    Describe a situation where you intended to do something and did not had enough time to do so?
    explain when and what you were doing?
    what actions you took on this situation?
    <> I was not looking at bullet points while preparing my answer, because I knew this is tough to explain for 2 minutes, so i concentrated on my story related to main topic.
    I chose exams and my slow writing situation in childhood, how i corrected it etc for 2 minutes. (I believe, because I was speaking till examiner stopped)
    Follow up question was also there regarding this. Did you informed anyone else about this situation?
    Time pressure related questions.
    Do people manage time efficiently?
    How can they improve?
    Do Older people take more time to do certain tasks?
    Should people take out time for relaxation? why?
    In the future, will people face same time pressure related problems? Why?
    Do people need to manage work and personal life?
    Why people fail to do so? and how can they do it?
    Though, I was confident while coming out of the test. I am skeptical on my score, as I more and more think about it and few mistakes i have made. I need a 7 atleast, hoping for it. Examiner gave a handshake to me after the exam, not seen anytime in my previous attempts of IELTS. Examiner was rushing up to move to next questions in Part 3 also, which was sometimes distracting for me.

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