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    Hello, My Speaking test was yesterday 10 May 2019. I’m taking my exam, the examiner was very friendly.
    1) General questions (my name, where are you from, show the identity..)
    2) questions about my house, (why I like to live in my house,, how many years I am living there if I like to change something in my neighborhood)
    3) questions about loosed things (why people loose things? they are careless? which things frequently can to find? what my parents teach me that I need to do when I find things? Why have people that can to find more things than others?
    4) Cue card: Explain about one situation that you find a lost object. What you do, where you find, how you feel about?
    5) A few questions about collection things (is only older people collecting historic things? why people collect objects? is correct to save the older objects in the musem? why?, give examples about items that can have for collection in the family
    The test was easy, but I have frequently mistakes, because I take the exam for emergency and I can’t have the enough time for the correct preparation (I need for migration papers), then I can’t prepare correctly, but I understand all the questions and I answer all the questions. All the exam is exactly same examples that have in the official website of the British council . If you have dedication can’t be wrong. Today I will take my writing, listening and reading test, after I will comment here which are the subjects.

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