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    I took my IELTS GT exam on 11th May. Following were the speaking topics asked during the test. The examiner was smiling throughout the test. It really motivated me to be comfortable and communicate my ideas naturally. I hope I didn’t get carried away during the test.
    Part 1:
    About sky watching- do you like to watch the sky? when- in the day or at night? Is there any place where you like to watch the sky?
    Keeping secrets- Do you think that you should share everything with everyone? Why?
    I don’t remember the questions asked about this topic. Sorry.
    Part 2:
    Talk about a job that your grandparents did.
    what was the job
    was it the only job they had
    would you like to do this type of job
    part 3:
    do you know any person who still does this type of work?
    Is there any job which requires a higher salary? Why?
    ## My doubt here is related to the answer that I gave- Job that deserves a higher salary is of a call center executive. I certainly provided ample arguments to support my answer. However, I was asked to name one more profession/occupation to which I replied, the job of a journalist. Since these people have to go out and interview people irrespective of the outside conditions. I’m not sure if that would count, though I explained enough.
    Should companies invest in training their employees? what will be the benefits?
    Also, If you could kindly help me to let me know the correct answer to the below questions which I got in my reading test.
    Q- The museum has a collection of shoes worldwide. (t/f/ng)
    Not able to recall much. But, a close paraphrased info from the text: The museum displays a collection of shoes. It represented historical and cultural values from around the world.
    Q- Adults can pay less on a specific day of the week.
    Info- Adults- $20 Seniors- $15 Children- $10 Infants- $5
    Pay-less Thursdays
    To encourage people to visit the museum more often, you can visit here on every Thursday of the week and pay less than the actual ticket price. (paraphrased and tried to put the meaning of what was stated in the text in the test as much as I could.)

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