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    Speaking : General questions..
    What is your full name?
    What can I call you>
    Do you work or study?
    What do you work?
    Let’s talk about music..
    Do you like listening to music when you are studying or working?
    Do you download music or buy CDs?
    Do you think your choice of music will change with age?
    How is music important to you?
    Now let’s talk about tourism..
    What do you think countries should do to attract tourists?
    What is one training that can be given to hotel staff that will be helpful for tourist?
    How is tourism important for international exchange?
    Any incidence you remember where you can say tourists are willing to learn culture of different countries?
    Cue card : Tell about an event where people have gathered at your place?
    Who were the people?
    What was the event?
    How did you feel about it?
    Follow up questions : Do you like when people come to visit you?
    How important it is to meet people?

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