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    I just completed my IELTS exam today i.e. 24th May 2018 in India. I had my Speaking exam yesterday on 23rd May 2018.
    I appeared for the Academic part of IELTS.
    Writing Task 1 – Two bar charts were there representing the no. of male and female students taking up certain Science subjects at a particular University at the years 1992 and 2012.
    Writing Task 2 – The increase of use of production of consumable goods is causing damage to the nature.
    Why does that happen?
    What is the solution to it?
    Speaking Part 1 –
    How far is your house from where you ate currently located?
    What kind of outdoor activities do you like to do?
    Did you participate in any sort of outdoor activity when you were a child?
    Did you enjoy that?
    How much did you involve in outdoor activities?
    Part 2 – Tell me about your favorite picture someone has clicked for you.
    – What was the picture?
    – Where was it taken?
    – Who took it?
    – Explain why you feel different towards this photo?
    – Do you look at your pictures a lot?
    Part -3
    Let’s talk about pictures. So how do you feel about photographers?
    – Do you think someone should be photographers professionally to click good pictures? If yes why? And if no, why?
    – Do you think Passion is important for photography?
    – How do you feel about the photographers of newspaper?
    – Do you think both news and pictures are important in newspapers?
    – But some say pictures can be manipulated. How do you feel about that?
    And that’s the end of the Speaking Session.
    Thank you

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