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    Speaking Test : GT
    Location: India
    First Section:
    Name followed by what can I call you?
    How far do you live from this place?
    What is the mobile phone app you use the most?
    Is there an app you wish you had?
    Did you ever want to develop your own app?
    Do you think mobiles are used for the same reasons as they were earlier?
    Section 2
    Cue Card on – A favourite photo of you.. when was it taken, who took it and why is it so special?
    Follow up – do you like being in photos? Based on my reply, the examiner asked me which one would I prefer more, being in front of the camera or behind it.
    Section 3
    What is your opinion on cameras in mobile phones?
    Do people use mobiles more for photos or to talk?
    With the advent of digital technology, has printing of photographs become redundant and based on my answer she asked me if it will happen in the future.
    Do people get to engrossed while clicking photos on holidays?
    Do you think this habbit needs to change?
    What is your take on the manipulation of photographs in today’s digital world?
    Can photographs we see around be trusted (this was again based on my answer)

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