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    Hello! I just had my speaking exam:
    Section 1
    What do you do- Job or study?
    What do you like the most About the subjexts you study?
    Do you like fruits?
    What kind of fruits do you eat?
    Is it different from what you had in childhood?
    Section 2 –
    Decribe an occassion where everyone smiled.
    What was it
    When was it
    How did you feel?
    Section 3-
    Does showing emotions always a good trait?
    Do you believe wearing heart on your sleeves a good habit?
    Does it make you popular?
    I answered every question and did speak for whole of those 2 minutes given for section 2.
    I fumbled a little when it came to fruit section.
    And the examiner asked me the last question and even after i had answered he asked me the same question again. Would it affect my score? i am fairly confident withhis section though

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