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    Task 1 : Bar graph showing cars per 1000 people in 5 European Countries ?
    Task 2 : Why Students Tend to play computer games rather than sports?
    1. Placebo Effect Passage
    2. Wearing bird Passage
    3. Blockbuster Museum Passage
    Section A: General assistant Manager
    Section 2: Julie and mike
    Section 3: Types of walking
    Section 4:Increase in libraries

    Part 1:
    Where do you stay?
    Who is your favourite sports person?
    Do you like car Travelling?
    When was the last time you have taken taxi? and why?
    Would you like to go olympic games?
    Part 2:
    Which Language do you want to learn in future?
    (queue card)
    Part 3 :
    Give me reasons Why you want to learn that language?

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