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    Reported by Tanmay
    India – October 12 2018
    Writing task2 with answer.
    Nowadays children spend more time playing computer games than doing sports. Why is it happening? Does it have a positive
    Today with massive development of new technology which encroaching in every corner in society, including the huge invasion of educational institutions. This achievement in modern media’s abilities act as a precursor for better human contribution in the society. Unfortunately young children spend lots of time engaging with these technology. It is argued that this practice has negative ramification on children. This will be shown by analysing the effect of media on their physical development and child’s academic achievement.
    On the one hand, many believe that young children have to practise number of exercise on daily base. This practice is impossible if children spend long period of time playing video games. For instance, recent Canadian research shown that a young child who sitting in front of the computer screen for long time will grow with poor physical exercise habit. As a result these young people will more liable to have chronic illness later in their life. Thus, it is clear that video games would lead to negative effect on adolescent health development.
    On the other hand, children who log in these modern media like internet and video games for long period of time would likely face serious difficulties with their academic performance. For example, recent American study on 2014 shows there is negative correlation between the amount of time spending on video games and student school marks. As people educational process would be affected badly with prolong exposure to these electronic games. Thus, the negative ramification of video games on academic achievement can be seen clearly.
    After analysing the effect of modern technology on both child’s physical health and academic achievement . It has been proven that new media and video games bring with it number of negative effects. It is hoped that certain arrangement will be put in action to control child’s engagement with new technology.
    —– alternative essay
    Physical activity plays an important role in the physical and psychological development of children during the initial years of their life. However, urbanization and modernization have replaced outdoor games with indoor games and thus increased the number of couch potatoes among the current generation. In my view this is a negative development that affects the physical and mental development of children.
    Firstly, urbanization eliminated public playgrounds from cities and towns. Thanks to the development of all those housing complexes and shopping centres the cities have become more congested than ever leaving no room for little ones to enjoy outdoor games like cricket or football. Since playing such sports in narrow streets cause disturbance to apartment dwellers parents are forced to keep their children indoors.
    The security of children has also become a cause for concern. Parents are becoming wary of letting their children play outside. So, to keep them engaged indoors they equip their children with video games, computers and smart phones. As a result, children are getting detached from the benefits of playing outside. This, unfortunately, affects their physical and intellectual development. Sitting in front of a computer or gaming console for long hours can affect the eyesight of children and make them obese.
    Studies have shown that physical activity helps the development of cognitive abilities like decision-making and problem-solving. Sports and games also teach children crucial life skills such as team spirit and the ability to take success and failure alike. When children do not engage in sports, they are losing an opportunity to master these life lessons.
    To conclude, video games might keep children engaged for hours on end, but they do not help the overall development of children. So I strongly believe that spending too much time on playing computer games can be very harmful for the upcoming generation.
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