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    I gave my General Training test
    Speaking on 12th October
    L,W,R on 14th October
    Task 2
    Traffic jams is the major problem that many town’s and cities are facing. Some people believe that building wider roads can be a solution to it.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    Give relevant examples and your experience.
    Task 1
    You borrowed an item from your friend for party and it got damaged.
    Write a letter to your friend
    1) Apologize for this damage
    2) Explain him how it happened
    3) Tell him what will you do about it
    After general questions about me, next section was on time…Do you prefer to be on time, What do you do in your free time, What do you do when you are waiting for someone, What you do to watch time, Do you think earlier people didn’t prefer to be on time,
    Cue Card
    Explain about a popular place in your country where tourists don’t visit.
    Where it is?
    Why is it popular?
    Why tourists don’t visit?
    Follow up questions were related to tourism and environment.
    Should tourist places be free of cost?
    Should foreigners be charged extra in comparison to local people?
    What environmental problems can be there because of tourists and how it can be solved?
    Spa visit in which according to me answers were
    1) Spa water attracted people centuries ago
    2) Its recommended to get health check up from a nurse
    Then there was a spa plan which we had to label.
    Another section was on group task maybe, answers are :
    1) Why Enna choose this topic.
    Ans. Because she had interest in it
    2) What was the problem with her original questionnaire?
    Ans. Questions were open ended
    3) What was the result of questionnaire?
    Ans. It was a pie chart which was divided into 3 sections like 60%, and two equal sections of 20%.
    Another section was a conversation between two people, a teacher and father of a student, discussing about some classes, its timing, cost etc.
    Few answers that i can recall are :
    1) She was a role model for everyone
    2) Shifting class to 4:45 pm from next term
    3) Shifting because of increasing class strength
    Then there was discussion over clash of class timings and cost
    1) Class was expensive
    2) She is already occupied with other tasks that evening
    Then at last details of class were discussed like
    1) When can she start the class : 14th September
    2) Cost : $ 85 (not sure)
    3) Name of teacher : Last name was Curtis i think.
    1 section was on London Fog
    Answers that i remember are
    1) London was popular for pollution in 1900s. True
    2) A rule/regulation was started when pollution was alarming. False
    3) Monte (name of an artist) was the first to display London fog in his paintings. False
    4) In 1900s there was more illness in London in comparison to other cities. Not Given
    Fill in the blanks, questions I don’t remember, few answers were:
    1 kilometre
    1885 (don’t remember the exact year now)
    1) Colour of fog was because of ?
    Ans. Time of day
    2) Electricity supplier’s were frustrated because of?
    Ans. Fluctuating demand of electricity.
    That’s all I can remember now.

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