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    Hi All,
    My exam was on Oct 27 2018. Below are questions list from my exam:
    1) tell you manager that you do not like one aspect of your new company uniform.
    2) should young people be allowed to drive car, vote or get married at age of 18 or it should be older age like some other countries. Explain your answer.
    – do you live in house
    – which is your favorite room in the house
    – will you change your house
    – when you were a kid did you eat international food
    – what is the current trend of international food in your home country.
    – have you tried any international food.
    – will people continue to eat international food
    – are there cities in your home country.
    – do you like living in city.
    – which city would you like to visit again
    – cue card was similar to one listed on Sep-Dec 2018 —-> a time you planned something that later got changed
    – what is people behavior on changing schedule.
    – which people generally don’t like changing schedule.
    – how did you convince other about change in plan
    I have questions for you which are as follows:
    1) in listening section where 2 words are allowed I wrote post graduate instead of postgraduate/post-graduate. Will this be marked as incorrect answer?
    2) similarly in a section where 2 words are allowed I wrote man made instead of man-made/manmade. Will this be marked as incorrect answer?

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