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    hi ,
    I had my speaking test on 29th sept’17, India, General module :
    Section 1:
    General personal questions, including other questions like,
    1. Who taught you politeness?
    2. Whom should you be polite with?
    3. What do you love about your work?
    Section 3:
    1. Describe any sport…
    Section 4:
    questions on section 1 and other like,
    1. Do you read magazines?
    2. Did you read comics when you grew up?
    3. Which age group prefers reading a magazine?
    For speaking, I have answered with yes/no for two questions. (maybe that will affect my score?)

    Next day, 30th sept’17, I had my L, R & W test.
    Listening was a bit tricky in which I missed 3 questions and end up guessing their answers.
    Reading was the toughest one for me. (I wasn’t sure with many of my answers)
    Writing had questions like,
    Section 1: write a letter to your friend as you plan to move back to your hometown and leaving current job give reasons and future plans.
    Section 2: In schools, sport and exercise periods are getting replaced with academic subjects . Give your opinion and explain the effect.
    In section 2 of writing, I paraphrased ‘replaced’ word with ‘replaced or shuffled’ , I know the meaning of shuffle means mixing things, but I had used a conjunction or for that reason will that be an issue? And even for section 2, in opinion paragraph, I have mentioned some effects which were again repeated in effects paragraphs. Can that affect the band score?
    Another thing I need to add is that practicing a full-length test at home is very important, I didn’t, hence, I was not able to continue my concentration at the beginning of a new test.

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