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    Hey All,
    I had my speaking test an hour ago. They took my test ahead of the reported time as I have reached the venue half an hour ago (as per instructions). Speaking test
    Date: 11-09-2018
    Full Name
    What should I call you?
    Do you Work or study?
    Where do you work?
    Do you like you like your work environment?
    What can be done to improve the work environment?
    Which are the popular sports in your country?
    Who is your favourite sports person? Why?
    Part 2 Cue card
    Indoor or outdoor, which is best place to study for you?
    Why you like to study there?
    Part 3 Further on studies
    Is it necessary to concentrate on studies for children?
    Which is preferred method for you to study? Long concentrated study hour without break or with small breaks?
    Is it good to study in group or not?why?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of group studies?
    That’s it!!!!
    It was pretty quick, I couldn’t realise that it ended that fast.
    Fingers Crossed!!!!

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