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    Hello everyone,
    IELTS General
    Date: 27-09-2017
    Country: India
    Had my speaking test a while ago. Examiner was an Indian, friendly and with a gentle smile throughout the test.
    Part 1 questions
    about the place where I live (hometown), how I commute to the office, how much time it takes me to reach my office from my place, whether I had any difficulty in reaching the test center, what I usually do while travelling, the weather in my hometown, how much time I spend at home, what I do when I’m at home.
    Part 2 Cue card: To describe a book which I read recently
    Part 3:
    Questions related to books, that is whether I like reading fictional books, how important is it to read historical books, how historical books help children, do children and old people have any difference in reading books (not sure), are boys more interested in reading books compared to girls, how does reading novels help someone..
    I felt questions were easy and previously posted by others on this website.But I stammered a lot and could not do well.
    Also, I spoke to others who took the test at the same time, their cue card was to describe childhood memory, health, and exercise.

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