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    Today, on 29th September, India, it was my speaking test (British Council). I noticed that she switched on the speaker on the very first question so I think all initial questions were also part of Speaking Part 1. I’m not sure.
    Below are the questions. There can be little variations. Apologies if I’ve written something wrong.
    Speaking Part 1:
    What is your full name? (I used contraction as you suggested)
    Where do you live?
    Do you live in a flat or apartment?
    Do you like your house? Why?
    Do you anybody from the history?
    Have you visited any historical place?
    Would you like to explore more historical places in future? (something like that)
    Speaking Part 2:
    Cue Card:
    Any occasion when you had a special cake.
    – What kind of cake it was.
    – Why you had it?
    – Who arranged that cake? (something like that)
    -How you felt after having this cake?
    just after this cue card, the examiner asked one question.
    Did you ever try to prepare cake yourself?
    Speaking Part 3:
    Topic: Food and Health
    Do you think that people now rarely communicate on meals?
    Do you think that now food is more good than before? (Not remember exactly)
    Do you think people now don’t prefer to cook than before? Why?
    Do you think that government should impose high taxes on Sugar and fat food items?
    Do you think that by imposing high taxes, they can save the health of people?

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