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    I had speaking exam today ..
    Part 1
    *Are you working or are you a student
    *Is it important for children to save money.
    * did you saved any money whn you were a child
    * is it important to teach children about saving money
    * did you got any money as a gift for helping your parents
    * did you ever given money to a child as gift
    Part 2
    * talk about a animal you like most
    – which is the animal
    – when you learned about it
    – tell your reasons to like this animal

    Part 3
    *is it important to teach about animal in school
    * is it important to save the endangered species.
    *which is the best way to learn about animals by watching tv or visiting a zoo
    *is it a good idea to take care of endangered animals in a zoo
    * a city you visited recently
    * talk about something about that city.

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