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    *Speaking Task 1
    Do you Work/Study at the moment?
    What trainings do you need for your job?
    Will you need more training in the future?
    Have you experienced riding on a boat before?
    Is riding a boat common in your country? Why?
    Do you want to spend a vacation on a cruise ship?
    Name meaning
    Do names have meaning?
    What does your name mean?
    What are the common names nowadays?
    What do you think the reason is?
    *Speaking Task 2
    Positive feedback(who/where/when/what)
    Name one thing that you did where you’ve been given a positive feedback.
    -what did you do?
    -who gave you the feedback?
    -what did you feel?
    -are positive feedbacks important?
    *Task 3
    -how are positive feedbacks good for employees?
    -is giving Negative feedbacks also important?
    -You said that being honest is essential. Why is that so?
    -Do you think that there are people that provide dishonest positive feedback?

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