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    my speaking exam 20 June .. Iran
    1- what do you do .. study or work?
    2 – the best time of the day ( for work )
    3- do you have good relation with people in work
    4 -what kind of outdoor activities do you like to do?
    5-why you like to do these?
    6- tell me about your hometown
    9what do you like most (about your hometown )
    10……….cue card ……… river or lake ……..
    11-do you the names of some water sports?
    12 – should children learn swimming? at which age?
    12 – why they should learn (if yes )
    13-what is the other aspects of swimming in children?
    14 – why rivers and lakes are important?
    15 – do you know some jobs related to sea and river?
    16- tell me how in some cities people commute between pars of river?

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