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    Todays exam topics in Ireland (27/10/18)
    Task 1- Bar graph ( % of people ( men, women & children) who consumed 5 portions of fruits and vegitables per day in UK between 2002-2008)
    Task 2 – Many famous sports people advertise sports products. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh disadvantage?
    Part 1-
    * What do you do? Do you work or studying?
    * why did u choose this job?
    * did u enjoyed your first day at work
    # Maps
    * Do you use maps?
    * Did u learn to use a map when u were a child?
    * Do you prefer electronic or paper map?
    * Have you ever asked someone for directions?
    # Holidays
    * Do you like to plan your holiday in advance?
    * did u enjoyed your holidays when you were a child?
    Part 2: A job you would like to do in the future
    * How do you know about this job?
    * what are the skills needed for this job?
    * Why do you wanted to do this job?
    Part 3: 3-4 questions related to job.

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